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Tailor-made and fixed price IT services designed to give you more time to get on with your own thing.

IT Consultancy & Project Management

When we say “One Company – One Solution” we mean just that. Not only do we provide a diverse range of hardware, desktop software, networking solutions etc we can also offer consultancy on complementary surround services to complete your total requirements.

These services include; customised desks and furniture, network & power cabling, air conditioning and telecommunications and whilst we subcontract these services to a select number of trusted partners; we retain overall project management to ensure you have not only a single point of contact but a project completed by the agreed deadline.

Hardware Maintenance and Support

We can offer a full range of maintenance and support services to both business and residential customers in the form of annual maintenance and support contracts or adhoc support. These include:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support (on site or remote)
  • PC repair and upgrade
  • Printer repair and support
  • Network infrastructure support
  • Maintenance and support of audio visual equipment

System health check

To keep your machines running efficiently, we can assist you with:

  • Complete hardware and software diagnostic.
  • Disk Clean Up
  • Disk De-fragmentation
  • Installation of outstanding Windows updates and security patches.
  • Full virus, spyware and adware scan and cleanse.
  • Internal system cleansing for optimal cooling and long-lasting performance PLUS recommendations on system improvements.

Fixed Price Services

  • Windows installation, reinstallation and repairs - Windows XP and Vista, including windows updates.
  • Broadband setup and installation - Router setup with one or more computers connected either wireless or cabled, wireless security also setup if required.
  • Wireless network setup - Router and 2 computers including wireless security and connected to a workgroup for sharing files etc.
  • Computer servicing - Spyware removal, virus scan, registry optimization, updates and patches installed, main drive defragmented, system cleaned inside and case cleaned PLUS recommendations on system improvements.
  • Computer installation - Unpack, check and install your computer, installation of the operating system, testing that the computer starts up correctly, the installation of updated drivers and connections to any peripherals, e.g. printer, scanner and camera, and ensure everything is working. Setup and install an existing Internet connection and email. Demonstration of the computer and components.

Data Services

Everyone's data is important whether or not it is your business accounts or your home files music and pictures. We offer you a number of Data Services designed to cover every possible data scenario, from data recovery to data cleansing. The following Data Services are available.

  • Data Backup – Data will be backed up to the media of your choice, full system or selected files.
  • Data Transfer - Safely and securely transfer personal files, photos, music and any other files from your old PC to your new one. We can perform this service on any PC no matter where is was bought and it can be done on the spot in our workshop.
  • Data Recovery - Recover your precious photos, videos and any other files that have been deleted or corrupted on your hard drive. We can also recover files from USB pen drives and memory cards. All of the data we recover can be transferred onto a new hard drive, CD or DVD.
  • Data Cleansing - Protect yourself against identity theft using our Data Cleanse service. We use an approved level of removal that permanently deletes your personal files from the hard drive. This is an ideal service if you want to sell or dispose of an old PC.

For prices, please check our Rates page.


If you have any questions about our services, please call us on 01825 732604, or send your enquiry to us via our contact page.

Software Support

We can offer a range of adhoc software support to both business and residential customers.

Web Design

Let us introduce you to our associate web design company for a professional looking and effective website.

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