Our Rates include local no call out charges.

Dragoon Solutions

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For all your IT, Communications and Audio Visual needs.


You don't have to spend a fortune for first-class IT support.

Local rates

Within 20 miles of Uckfield:

  • No call out charges
  • First hour £45 then £11.25 per 15 minutes thereafter.

National rates

Over 20 miles of Uckfield:

  • £65.00 Call out (inclusive of first hour’s labour)
  • £11.25 per 15 minutes thereafter

Fixed Price Services

  • Windows installation and reinstallation or repair (Windows XP and Vista, Including windows updates) - £65.00.
  • Broadband setup and installation - Router setup with one computer connected either wireless or cabled, wireless security also setup if required) - £45.00. Additional computers - £20.00.
  • Wireless network setup - Router and 2 computers including wireless security and connected to a workgroup for sharing files etc - £65.00.
  • Data recovery - Please email us if you have particular or specialist requirements from £75.00
  • Computer services - Spyware removal, virus scan, registry optimization, updates and patches installed, main drive defragged, system cleaned inside and case cleaned PLUS recommendations on system improvements - £65.00.
  • Computer installations Unpack, check and install your computer. Installation of the operating system, test the computer starts up correctly, install drivers and connect any peripherals e.g. printer, scanner and camera, and ensure everything is working. Setup and install an existing Internet connection and email. Demonstration of the computer and components - £75.00.

Consultancy rates

  • Half day - £350.00
  • Full day - £650.00

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our rates and/or you have specific requirements, please call us on 01825 724191, or send your enquiry to us via our contact page.

Last updated: 10:06, 28 October 2015